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almost 7 years ago

Teams Roster

Here is a list of the teams so far, please feel free to email us if there are any mistakes or corrections that need to be made.

  • SPEW - Lee Richardson and Shannon Gallagher
  • Howard University Team - Susan Bhattari, Swapnil Tamrakar, Sumit Dhugel, and Saurav Aryal
  • iHealthVentures - Saurabh Kumar and Shefali Kumar
  • HealthViz - Beenish Chaudhry
  • Blips and Chitz - John Levander and Nick Millet
  • Team Rocket - Eli Zhenkov, Nate Robinson and Bryan Learn
  • Red 13 Standing By - David Galloway, Mike Lann, and Anne Cross
  • vzt - Jay DePasse and Jordanne Friedman
  • NDDSL - Bryan Lewis and Samarath Swarup
  • Exascale - Eric Rankin, Naomi R, and Matuke F
  • ADINKRA - Francis Opoku and William Ampeh

Participants currently unaffiiated with a team (or participating as individuals)

  • Sandeep Konam
  • Vasily Artyukhov
  • Louis Vichy
  • Brian Ho
  • Maxwell Udoba

Good luck to all of our teams, and we will see you all tomorrow.